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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions (or regex) are a bit confusing. I read the chapter in the Rute User’s Tutorial on regex, but found that I didn’t quite get it. So I watched Nixie Pixel’s video on regex and re-read the chapter while … Continue reading

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Netflix on Linux Mint 17 “Qiana”

*Note: This is not meant to be a tutorial, I am only recounting my experience. Netflix is possibly one of my favorite companies. They save me a ton of money on cable. I’m a binger, so Netflix is perfect for … Continue reading

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More Basic Commands

After practicing with the commands I learned last week, I feel a lot more confident using the Terminal. I practiced a lot in moving and renaming files and directories. I also created some new directories. At the beginning, I would … Continue reading

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Beginning Commands

After spending most of yesterday playing around on Gimp, I decided I needed to buckle down and do some work today. I found an awesome interactive tutorial to help me learn some of the commands I’ll need. This tutorial uses … Continue reading

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