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Installing Spotify on Mint 17

I was really excited to see that Spotify has put out a “Linux Preview,” which means I can install Spotify on Linux without messing with Wine. When I was researching putting Spotify on my system, I can across an official … Continue reading

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Drake Equation Calculator

I’ve been mentally working on new program for a week or two. What I wanted this program to do is to calculate the Drake Equation based on whatever variable I put in. I could try different values and see how … Continue reading

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Morrowind On Mint

Getting Morrowind to install on Linux Mint was surprisingly easy. Morrowind is my favorite game of all time. The story is so expansive that there’s no way I could get bored of it. Through the software manager, I was able … Continue reading

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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions (or regex) are a bit confusing. I read the chapter in the Rute User’s Tutorial on regex, but found that I didn’t quite get it. So I watched Nixie Pixel’s video on regex and re-read the chapter while … Continue reading

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Basic Commands

I have successfully tackled the “Basic Commands” chapter in Rute User’s Tutorial. This chapter had a TON of useful information on the command line. There’s sections on the different error codes, file types, wildcards, man pages and commands. The really … Continue reading

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New Faves

I have a new favorite Linux book: Linux: Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition by Paul Sheer. It can be read online, or can be downloaded. The PDF is laid out inconveniently for an e-reader, but the fabulous content more than … Continue reading

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DOSBox Games

A couple of days ago I was in the mood to play some of my old Windows games. I had no idea what it would involve, but I was determined to get it working. Since these are old Windows games, … Continue reading

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