About Val

I’m Val, an artist and Linux newbie. This site will be used to catalog my progress as I learn Linux. I’ll be sharing information I’ve learned, helpful sites, my favorite programs and my current projects. I’m doing this to help me keep track of what I’ve done and what I need to do. I also thought it might help others who are thinking about trying Linux. As a firm believer in learning from mistakes, I’ll be sharing my missteps too.

I decided to switch to Linux for a few reasons. First, Linux will open up career opportunities that are not currently available to me. I would by no means consider myself a computer geek, but I like working on computers. My goal is to become a guru, I want to be able to set up servers and write in a couple programming languages. I have used HTML in the past and I’ve taken a couple C++ courses, but I never really pursued the interest until now. Learning Linux is the first step for me on this path.

Second, I want to be able to share my artwork online. I would love to be able to sell posters or mugs with my paintings on them. But up until now, the tech available to me has held me back. Taking a picture of a painting isn’t good enough. I need to be able to digitally stitch images and have fine tuned control to adequately represent my artwork. While there are programs for Windows that would give me these things, they’re simply too expensive. Linux is the only place I can go to get what I need and can afford.

Third, I’ve always been dissatisfied with Windows. I really don’t like how it makes assumptions for me and then makes it difficult for me to find or change these assumptions. I’ve also had to deal with data losses, viruses, crashes, etc. I’ve found that the procedures to major fix problems are often difficult to execute (if I can even find instructions). I also get tired of my PCs running slow or needing constant defragging. Giving up on Windows seems pretty natural to me.

Fourth, I obtained a hand-me-down laptop to try Linux out on. It’s an older laptop, and was pretty much useless for me. It was slow, out of date & overheated frequently. This barely functioning laptop was the final thing that pushed me into switching to Linux. A clean install of Linux seemed like the easiest way to fix this computer’s problems and restore functionality.

My laptop has been running Linux Mint 16 for 4 days now, and so far, I’m loving it! It runs much much faster, has stopped overheating, and has a good selection of programs. It has exceeded my expectations by far. I’ve learned a lot during this process, but I have a lot more to learn. When I was first reading up on Linux, I thought I’d have to learn command scripting to get anything done. Luckily, that assumption was wrong. I’ve been able to do everything using graphical interfaces so far. This has made the transition easy and intuitive.

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey as I learn Linux! Thank you for visiting!


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