Back on Track with Qiana

My experiments with Linux got a little off track the past few weeks. I went on a trip to visit family. Traveling always throws me off. Between laundry, packing, unpacking & my changed sleep schedule, it takes a bit to recover. Once I got back, I had a slew of medical stuff to take care of, which is stressful and time consuming. So I’m hoping that this week life starts to go back to normal.

I was able to finish testing all of the distros I downloaded. I’ve now tried lots of different versions of Mint, Ubuntu & Fedora. I also tried openSUSE, but it didn’t load properly, so I’ll have to go back and look at it to see if I can figure out the problem. Other than openSUSE, every distro I tried worked fine.

When I got back home, I was excited to see Linux Mint 17 was released. I downloaded Qiana MATE and Cinnamon and took them for test drives. Both worked well, but I prefer the look and feel of MATE, so I decided to go ahead and install that. The backup and install went very smoothly, no problems at all. I did a clean install instead of updating 16 because it seemed far easier. I didn’t have very much to backup, I hadn’t transfered much onto my laptop since I knew I’d be installing a new OS soon. I’m liking 17 better than my test drives of 13, but I don’t see much difference between 16 & 17. It looks and runs pretty much the same. I can’t wait for them to release the other DE for 17 so I can try them out! 😀

Since I upgraded, I’ve been working on setting up everything. I reinstalled the programs I knew I’d want, the IDEs, system tools, etc. I also got some other programs I didn’t have before. I got a pack of simple gnome games. I don’t play with those sort of things very often, but it’s nice to have some little time burners. I also got some programs I haven’t tried out yet, Hugin for photo stitching (I’m hoping that one’s good :)) and some other IDEs: one for QT, one for HTML and Glade. There’s still a couple more things I wanna get: Conky and the plug-ins for GIMP. I saw a screen shot of Conky in a magazine and I like that it tells me usage and temp on the same screen, because I have problems with overheating.

I also got 2 medical programs that are both great. The first one is called Cycle, which keeps track of menstruation and predicts fertility and ovulation. This is a super handy program for women. I really like that it averages the previous cycles for predictions, since no woman is completely regular this is much better than using 28 days. It also lets me change the color for each type of day, so my calendar is very bright and colorful. It’s also way more convenient than using a website and it’s safer. It automatically sets up a user and password, so your info is private. It’ll also let multiple women keep track, which seems great for families with teenagers. It also lets you add notes, which is great if you have other symptoms you’re keeping track of, like migraines. My only complaint is that it doesn’t let you change the luteal phase, it just assumes a normal length. I don’t think this would effect most women using this program (I don’t think most of us know the length of our luteal phase anyway), but it might be important for people trying to (or not to) conceive. I think it would also be helpful if this program used a gradient between fertile and safe. This would make it more obvious which days are most fertile or safest.

The other medical program I got is called Ginkgo. It lets me look at DICOM images, which are X-rays. I had to get some X-rays last week and I wanted to look at them, so I found this program. It’s really intuitive and easy to figure out. I can load my history as a patient, and see each group of X-rays. I can then load each group and each X-ray and look at it in detail. I can also export the X-rays as different image types. I sorta think it would be cool to use different filters and colorize an X-ray and print it onto dishes or something. I also think this program will be great for comparing old and new X-rays. I just need to find some old X-rays to try it out. I don’t think this program has this feature, but I think it would be cool if it would analyze the images and show me the names of each bone on mouse over.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with both Qiana and all the new programs I’ve gotten. My next post will be on my ordeal last night with Netflix, as I seemed to have every possible problem trying to get it to work.

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