More Basic Commands

After practicing with the commands I learned last week, I feel a lot more confident using the Terminal. I practiced a lot in moving and renaming files and directories. I also created some new directories. At the beginning, I would keep the File Manager open so I could visualize what I was doing. Now I feel comfortable using the “ls” and “cd” commands to navigate without looking at the File Manager.

I’ve learned some more of the basic commands to use in the Terminal. I used the website Linux Survival again. I learned some more file manipulation. The “chmod” or change mode command will come in handy for both Ruby and C++, I can make my text files executable. I’ve got quite a few files I can practice chmod on, so that’s what I’m going to be doing.

I’m also feeling a lot more comfortable with Linux terminology. I’m starting to think “directory” instead of “folder,” which makes remembering the commands easier. I think after I complete this set of tutorials, I might be ready to retackle “Linux in a Nutshell.”

Today’s Commands

ls -l – long list, lists details for files in a directory

cp – copy files

rm – remove files

rmdir – remove directory

chmod – change mode (file permissions)

chmod ugo +/- rwx – change mode options, uso = user, group, other, rwx = read, write, execute

groups – lists groups I’m in

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