May the 4th Projects

May the 4th be with you! In honor of Star Wars Day, I used Gimp to create this picture of my baby niece as Emperor Palpatine. I had a lot of fun making it & sharing it with my family today.

I spent some time yesterday practicing the commands I learned. I renamed directories, made a new directory and moved some files around. I’m pretty proud of myself for using only the terminal and for not messing anything up.

I did run into one problem that wasn’t addressed in the tutorial I used. One of my directories had a space in the name. I typed my command like this: mv Directory Name directoryname but I got an error. This didn’t hurt anything, it just prevented the name change. So I learned that for directories or files with a space in the name, I need to add quotes. Once I typed it like this: mv “Directory Name” directoryname it worked just fine.

I also spent a little time looking into learning Ruby. I did the “Ruby in 20 Minutes” tutorial and was really surprised at how simple the language seems. One bit of the coding did trip me up, in C++ you use “elseif,” while in Ruby you use “elsif.” Other than that, I found Ruby pretty easy to use. It feels similar to C++ as far as layout goes, but there’s a bit less typing.

It also turns out that one of the IDEs I’d already installed lets me edit and compile Ruby. The program is called Geany, and it seems to work pretty well. There are quite a few IDEs available on Linux, so I’ve got an ongoing project to find the best one(s) for me.

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