Beginning Commands

After spending most of yesterday playing around on Gimp, I decided I needed to buckle down and do some work today. I found an awesome interactive tutorial to help me learn some of the commands I’ll need. This tutorial uses a simulated terminal, alleviating some of my trepidation about trying it out. I completed the first module, but I’m going to spend some time practicing what I learned before moving on to the next. This will help me memorize the commands and make them habit.

The commands seem pretty intuitive. Like if I was making them up, they’re the sort of abbreviations I’d use. It seems like the hardest part at first will be changing the vocabulary I’m thinking in. I think “folder,” not “directory.” Practice will remedy that & I’m looking forward to learning more of the jargon.

I’m also looking forward to changing how I think about computers. I know in creating art, with every new media I learn, I have to change how I think. Different materials handle the same elements of art in different ways. I expect learning Linux will be like that. it’s my favorite part of learning to use different media. Having multiple ways of viewing and thinking about the same subject matter enriches my experience. I’m really interested to see how using commands instead of a graphical interface changes how I approach programming.


Today’s Commands

ls- list contents of a directory

mv- moves or renames files & directories

cd- change directory

..- parent directory

pwd- print working directory (current directory’s pathname)

mkdir- make directory

more- display file contents

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