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Distros Galore

I’ve had an incredibly busy week. Besides continuing my work with Ruby and commands, I’ve also been having a ton of fun trying out different distros. I’m currently running Mint 16, which is not a LTS release. I’ve got a … Continue reading

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More Basic Commands

After practicing with the commands I learned last week, I feel a lot more confident using the Terminal. I practiced a lot in moving and renaming files and directories. I also created some new directories. At the beginning, I would … Continue reading

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A More Complete Picture

I took a break from using Ruby Monk yesterday. Instead, I spent the day writing little practice programs and looking for new learning materials. I wrote a program for each Class that used all the methods I’ve learned for each … Continue reading

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Starting Ruby

I decided to go ahead and learn Ruby. When I was originally learning C++, sometimes I’d get bogged down or frustrated and need a break. When that would happen, I would go make a webpage in HTML and feel better. … Continue reading

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May the 4th Projects

May the 4th be with you! In honor of Star Wars Day, I used Gimp to create this picture of my baby niece as Emperor Palpatine. I had a lot of fun making it & sharing it with my family … Continue reading

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Beginning Commands

After spending most of yesterday playing around on Gimp, I decided I needed to buckle down and do some work today. I found an awesome interactive tutorial to help me learn some of the commands I’ll need. This tutorial uses … Continue reading

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Gimp: My New Obsession

Gimp has so far been my favorite part of switching to Linux. For me, playing with images, just to see what all I can do, is the most fun I can have on a computer. I will probably end up … Continue reading

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